khaptad Tour, 6N-7D

Khaptad Tour

Trek through the rolling hills of the Khaptad National Park (about 3000 m) through subtropical forest of Chir pine at lower altitude, and sub alpine forests of fir, hemlock, oak and rhododendron in the higher areas. Khaptad National Park in west Nepal is the Home of Late Khaptad Swami, the renowned scholar and a hermit. The park with rolling hills of grasslands and forests of subtropical, temperate and sub alpine vegetation, is also a rich natural habitat. The park boasts of 224 species of medicinal herbs and offers excellent bird watching opportunities, with 270 species of birds, the common ones being different varieties of impheyan pheasant, partrides, flycatchers, bulbuls, cuckoos and eagles. Animals in the park are barking deer, wild boar, ghoral, Himalayan black bear, yellow-throated marten, rhesus monkey and langur monkey. The park also offers religious sightseeing at Tribeni on the way to its headquarters. There are several historical temples surrounding this area and an annual celebration of Ganga Dashhara is held here every Jestha Purnima. Another religious site is Sahashra Linga at 3200m, the highest point of the park. Other religious areas in the park include Ganesh Temple, Nagdhunga, and Kedardhunga. These areas are ideal places for meditation. Towards the northeast of the park is Khaptad Lake where a festival is held every August and September.


Trip Outline

After a 15 hrs ride through mountains and forests and then through the mainly flat and rural Terai we reach Attariya. On the way we encounter Bardiya National Park which is the Largest National Park, Babai river where we can see Crocodiles basking in the river banks, Karnali river which is the longest river and a natural habitat for dolphins, and Ghoda-Ghodi Taal a natural freshwater lake which houses Kingfisher, Three-striped Roof turtle, Marsh Crocodile,etc. Lunch will be provided at Chitwan. Night Stay at Attariya. Meal: Lunch & Dinner Access: Surface transport & Short Trek
After Breakfast we head towards Jhigrana. We travel through Godhavari where we can pray at the Shiva Temple and it also marks as the starting point of Hilly region, we drive along the Bhasu Bhir which is a massive hill, after which we are greeted by Seti River. After 6hr we reach Dipayal/Silgadhi where we will have lunch and visit Saileshwori Temple and Doti Palace. After sightseeing we reach Baglekh after an hour drive. Beyond this point road is not accessible by vehicle so we trek for about an hour to reach our final destination for the day Jhigrana. Camping under the night sky with Campfire & Dinner. Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Access: Surface transport & Trek
The area of Khaptad national Park begins from here. After Breakfast we trek for 3hr through steep green forest to reach Bichpani. Necessary shelter for rest, water service and toilets are managed for tourist here. After passing through dense forest, thick bushes of Himalayan bamboo, beautiful waterfall our eyes gradually approach the beautiful and stunning pastures of Khaptad. Varieties of fruit & flowers, birds, butterflies and medical herbs on the away reduce the level of tiredness in travelers during long walk. Where visitors can get opportunity to eat seasonal fruits like Golden Raspberry, Bay Berry, Peach, etc. We will have Lunch in the green pasture of the National Park around noon. After 8-9 hour trek from Jhigrana you will reach the core of Khaptad National Park where there is a hotel, an army camp and the office of the national park authority. Overnight stay at Camp or Hotel. Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Access: Trek
After Breakfast we start our trek from Tribeni Confluence which is the meeting point of three rivers. The Tribeni Temple Complex the meeting point of four districts Doti, Accham, Bajhang and Bajura. We offer our prayers at the Tribeni temple and head deeper into the park, where we will observe Ashutosh Sahas - a natural lingam formation; Sahashra Linga - highest point of the park; Nag Dhunga - cobra snake shaped rock; Kedrdhunga - a religious site; Khaptad Baba Ashram - Meditation area; Bolde Judi - a lookout tower which provides the overall view of the National Park; Khaptad Daha - a beautiful marshy pond; Sita paila - a stone that devotees claim as Hindu goddesses Sita's foot imprint. From the Northern part of the park we can see the Saipal Himalayan ranges (7031m) and Api ( 7132m), From the Eastern side we can see Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range. From the Western side Kumoan range of India can be seen. The Park features 226 species of birds, 224 species of medicinal herbs and 20 species of animals. The national Flower Rhododendron and Bird Danphe can widely be seen in the park. Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Access: Trek
After Breakfast we trek back to the base of the Park – Jhigrana (8hr Trek). Lunch will be provided at Bichpani. From Jhigrana we will reach Dipayal after a 2hr drive via Phulot Village. Overnight stay at Dipayal/Silgadhi Hotel.
After Breakfast we head towards Dhangadi which takes around 7 hr drive. Lunch will be provided at Bhatkada or Khani Danda. Night Stay in Hotel at Dhangadi. Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Access: Surface transport
After Breakfast we head back towards Kathmandu, where the journey ends. Meal: Breakfast Access: Surface transport

Trip Includes

  1. Accommodation: Tourist Standard Hotels/Lodges on Full board basis (AP basis) on sharing basis.
  2. Access: Scorpio 4WD Jeep.
  3. Experience Professional Guide.
  4. Sight-seeing Entrance fees.
  5. First aid (Medical kits).

Trip Excludes

  1. Personal interest items. Misplace of goods & having except inside hotel & vehicle.
  2. In case of strike, expenses for extra overnights and extra over days beside the trip


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Trip Features

  • Day 1: Kathmandu to Attariya/ Khani Danda\
  • Day 2: Khanidanda to Jhigrana
  • Day 3: Jhigrana to Khaptad
  • Day 4: Explore Khaptad National Park
  • Day 5: Trek Back to Jhigrana, Drive to Dipayal/ Silgadhi via Phulot Village
  • Day 6: Dipayal to Dhangadhi
  • Day 7: Dhangadhi to Kathmandu

Trip Map